Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Bar of Chocolate

What kind of food on the picture above? Chocolate. Yes, that  just a bar of chocolate. But this chocolate makes me cry even i only seeing it. This is a birthday gift from my dad. From many gift i received, this one look very simple and nothing special if compared to other gift, but maybe the reason is : this is from dad. My parrents were busy person, they have a lot of task to do on their mind, and maybe thats why they don’t remember my birthday. Yeah, to be honest i don’t have any expectation from others in my birthday. I always think that birthday just a day like other day, the difference is you born at that date long time ago.  I’ve accepted the fact that today will passed like usual, its no problem if mom and dad don’t remember my day, but when sundown, dad give me this chocolate with paper above. He write a notes on the paper by himself, very simple words, and he even doesn’t say anything. The words is short, but deep. I try to hold my tears, and say thankyou with smile, then dad go for watching tv. For information, my dad is lil bit mysterious, he never talk too much, dad is analytical person when face problem, he also have sharp eyes that makes me scared sometimes, and the last is he look like doesn’t care, but honestly he know everything!. I never thought that dad will remember my birthday, he live in silence, thats why this chocolate and the short letter feelin so special. Thankyou so much dad J and thanks for my friends who give me gift, birthday greet, etc, i’ll always remember you guys! Smooch :*

Friday, September 26, 2014

Room decor progress : 80%

Yoohooooooooooooooooo i almost finish all thing on my room!

i love this watch so much, the colour is great
the picture on this book cover made by me, hehe, this is my precious book 
look at this doormat, it look like a grass! this is my fave :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Brother mini studio

I always found some interesting thing on my brother studio, sometimes i envy so much on him cause he take major that he like (art&design), here is some pics i took from his mini studio quietly.hehehe

his artwork

Monday, September 22, 2014

Thousand words~

September almost gone, you know what it means? God, my birthday is getting closer, yes at the end of September exactly. Maybe most of people in this world excited to celebrate they birth, but please don't ask me about that, especially about my age. Gooooooooood, i feel soooo old! if you saw me on other place, maybe you'll supposed i am high school student, or college student(at least, this is better than high school student) but the fact is i've passed those times guys! hahahaha, can you guess how old i am?. I have supporting part as 15 years old girl image : chubby cheeks, little body, and i admit my intonation when speak like a little girl ( i don't mean to look 'so cute or what' when i talk, i swear, that was my natural style since born to this world.)

There was hundred times people ask me about school, about my face,etc, and there was a hundred times again people said that i still look like 15 years old girl, haahahhaha. I don't blame them to talk like that, it was a fact that i've kids look and i accepted that. But hey, how do you feel if it was you, and you hear that words everytime you met new people, repeat-repeat-repeat, that was BORING, super-duper-boring. I really want to talk back "yes you're right, God give me cute face and little body and i'm grateful of everything, you have a problem with it?."hahahaha, but i never said that words. There are several reason, first my time is too precious to take care things like that, second, people will judge me as yeah, what they want. So, i just smile or say "hehehe" to answer and don't asking back, and those conversation finish. The advantages for having kids face is => i can got cheaper price when go shopping to the market cause they suppose i still student :), and there are funny stories when my lil brother in junior high school pick his photos and me on his facebook cover, then the comment is "is that your girlfriend?" God! that makes laughing everytime i read those comment.

Happy day

Got this gift from zalora indonesia, merci! love this so much :)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Heart Attack

Clothes. shoes. bags. i think most of girl around the world love this, and so do i!hehehe, i love collect them, i've lots of clothes on my room with various colour. My favorite colour is pastel, i don't like to wear clothes with many accecories, for me simple is good and cool, and i think pastel colour make us look calm and elegant. The happy news is, zalora have various lovely clothes on their website, you can also find everything girls need there! don't forget to take a look on RiaMiranda page, you can find lots of lovely clothes on pastel colour, God i wanna take them all on my room tonight! >.<

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Milky way~

today note : Just do some experiments with my photoshop and imagination on ma brain~hahaha

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