Monday, August 25, 2014

Throw away your burden into the Sea

Everybody has their favorite place, a place that makes them comfort, a place that makes our mind peace only with seeing it. Nature is my favorite place to stay for long hours, even that only sit and breath. Looking at God creature always amaze me all the times, every detail is perfect, everything is awesome. Many people in this world love beach, so do i. Gosh, i just can’t stop admiring how beautiful this planet. Yesterday i sit in a beach and saw the sea ahead, feelin those sand on my feet, and the warm sun shine my body, that was one of many great day i ever had.
The waves move slowly and elegant, close your eyes and listening the voice that comes from the sea, then you’ll feel a word that i called  ‘serenade’. Throw away your bad life, scream out loud as you want, Sea will gulp down your voice and lost with the waves.


See you later!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"Hello August."

Hello blog! how are you? its been couple weeks we didn't met right? i've lots story to tell :) Ah, first. let me welcoming this month (August) wooo, this month maybe my last time to stay at Jakarta cause i've finish those project, and after this i'll back home and stay in Bandung. Yohooo, i think i'll take long holiday before started working again, or choose different option like my parrents want (studying again). Yah to be honest i still not interest if i must take an extention, my major don't attract me at all, even for switch my eyes. I still pray to Allah, to show me the way, show me the way, show me the way to the job i love. I believe i'll find the way! just stay calm and keep walking on, hehehe. Ah ya, i almost forgot, the first thing i'll do after this month is re-decorate my room! wooohooooooo feelin so excited for the new look of my room! i think bedroom is private area, so it must makes you comfort for everything..for sleep, work, watching movies, reading books,etc...i've make my own concept on my drawing book, hope you'll like my new room, wait me ok? hehehe :) 

By the way, this photos taken when i want to play somewhere last month. The sweater and shoes are belongs to my brother, love the pattern! fyi, the sweater made by my brother and his friends, how do you think? i think this is good stuff :) have a nice day!

see you later!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ied Mubarak 2014

Hello! hows your lebaran day? today my dad big family gathered in our house. In a nutshell, my grandma (from dad) have 11 children, my father is number 9, and this year we're gathered in our house cause this is his turn. Wohoooooooooo, there are so many people came to our house, everybody from other city comes, its about 100 people there, you can imagine how crowd my house. I feel happy today, alhamdulillah :) yeah, though i don't refuse if a days before i had cold war with dad, cause a different perception (i don't want discuss it right now, its already passed) and the important thing is i'm happy! and next is my play time!wohoo! thanks god

my silly brother (cupi & emon)

what everybody love : time for MONEY! (THR)

"Minal aidzin wal faidzin."

Friday, July 25, 2014

Back home

Everybody 'mudik' to their town & so do i! Happy ied mubarak everyone! :* kisses

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fasting - Ramadhan 2014

Saturday! i've been waiting for this day on a whole week. Fasting make me drooling every time i saw food or smell something delicious, hahahaha everything look 'sooo perfect' when we're prohibited to touch them, Those food seems like talking to me " come here darling, you'll know how delicious i am", then this stupid girl imagine how it taste, is it sweet? super delicious? or super fresh when we put them on our mouth? Oh damn, then i left those evil food, and went to other thing. 
Lets talk about ramadhan, to be honest i asking myself for several time : why i can't feel the atmosphere of holy Ramadhan this year, and couple years ago? its totally different, when i celebrate ramadhan when 7 years old, i feel super excited for sahur, buka puasa, read al-qur'an, watching ramadhan tv program, mudik, etc... I I know i grown up and getting older, and course that makes a change. But, thats not i mean. Whether, my sins are overload so that impact my heart for welcoming Ramadhan? Oh yes, i've lots sins since come to this planet.. i'm sorry God ._. 
happy saturday & happy fasting for you! :)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Greetings from magical forest

Hello! Sorry for lack updates, i'm too focus on real life, especially play, hehehe. So, i went to several place recently and they're beautiful! hmm, i'll upload them later and show you how beautiful Indonesia. I can't travel  to far place, cause i don't have much time and my wallet is not a premium edition. This is some shoot i got from last week, its a forest on West Java, there's a quiet and lovely lake over there, and guess what? we also met a deer on that forest! Hooo, seems we're in magical forest!

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