Yesterday i had supeeeer bad mood waiting for something, and now those 'thing' is end, no more waiting again guys! and i got my mood again. This pics are from my skecth book, and tonight i'm on my higher mood to coloring them, the theme is chic and pastel. 

 This is Lola, she is cool and simple. She love to wear cardigan and skirt, but she's cool like a boy so she always wear her pink stunning boots!

 And this one is Amber, she's calm and sweet. She love everything vintage, her personal style is classic & chic.


Hey Arnold!

i'm watching this cartoon on my notebook recently, this is my favorite cartoon when i was kids, Hey Arnold! is an American animated tv series created by Craig Bartlett for Nickelodeon. Craig Bartlett is an animator for Rugrats and Hey Arnold, anyone remember that movie? When i was kids i always adore this cartoon, Arnold is a boy with baseball head, to be honest there is no one look normal on this cartoon, all people on this movie have a strange phisical, but i think the story is good! Arnold live with his unique family (funky grandma, granpa, pig, and strange neighboor), sometimes he like to do some experiments, he has lots of friends with many characteristic, and the coolest thing is his room! you know? i'm watching his room with sparkling eyes when i was in elementary school, i hope i have a room like that (you can see his room on this picture). 




Hola! today i'll share about how to beautify your frame (hmm, i mean the photos on that frame, exactly). Maybe some of you get bored look at your frame on your room with non artistic photos inside. If yes, you can change your old photos with other artsy picture on your frame! the step is sooo easy. Check this post!

first, choose your favorite pics, you can browse on internet & download them. i love quotes & art, so i choose that.
second, after find your pics, print them on art paper. this paper is thin and smooth or you can use photo paper too.
next, cut your photos according your frame size

set the picture you've cut on your frame.
voala! your frame ready to decorate your room! super easy right!
the result.

 hope you like it! see ya later guys! :)



its been a busy day recently, my room were soo messy, i'm helping dad for taking picture - upload to the web - sent packet to customer - whzzz i'm trying to enjoy all this activity.



Whimsical Forest

Tip toe, tip toe, 
careful where you tread.
Spotting all the toadstools, 
little roofs of red. 

Looking through the forest,
unearthing mysteries.
I listen very hard, 
to whispers on the breeze. 

Deep deep woodland, 
with your magical presence.
Admiring wild flowers, 
captivating essence. 

Oh dark mysterious forest, 
you have a tale to sing. 
Dragon flies, foxglove hats, 
enchanted fairy rings. 

Ancient stones and paths, 
wise and worthy trees.
Here's where I belong, 
nature calls to me. 

The secret of the forest, 
calls to those it feels. 
Enchanted chosen beings, 
to those whom magic appeals.

Forest Delight by Michele Morgan

this is my favo bottle ever! it has cute cat on the cap.

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