Star Hill !

Travelling with bestfriends is one of many super favorite thing in my life (after, photo editing and shopping ;p) i like to explore new thing and super easy bored with thing, so visiting new place is my therapeutics for my hungry eyes, hihihi. As you know, i love nature so much, so last week we went to a beautiful hill near my town, its.... breathtaking.  Just wanna see more and more place on this planet.


Sunny Day

Its always lovely day if i goes to Nature. No matter that green grass, flower fields, desert, snowy place, fall season, etc.. as long as i was on pure nature, i'm happy! To be honest i feel uncomfortable with crowded place, that why i love nature. It was something in my heart if i saw row of trees, how the zebra run, how rabbit jump on wild nature, you'll see my eyes look brighter than usual. One day i saw national geographic channel report a bear catch salmon on a river, oh, how i envy with the crew. Opportunity, yes. In this short live that God has given to us, it would be worth if we can see the real world and help other right? That was some word that i used to said when i pray. We plan, and God plan for us, let see the life brings us.


Soul of life

alice notebook from mussboloproject
Since i love books many years ago, and now transfom what i love to bussiness, it becomes very interesting. I read Napoleon Hill book few days ago, and the book said we can transform something on our brain to something real. It means, what we imagine on our head every single day guide us to create it in the real life, and sometimes we didn't realize that. I'm super excited with this topic recently, topic about 'something that we can't see' , it can be anything, some of you maybe guess 'is that supranatural creatures?' Mmmm.. yes its a one of part, but my point is not that , i talk about energy. Energy is mysterious thing for me. There's lot of case i can't explain and understand. I have one thought on my brain, about this planet, maybe you can call me crazy or weird , but you know? i think this planet is alive. No,no, i don't similize it has blood,and eat like us, but i think this planet has a soul. Hahahahaha, okay..okay.. lets move from this strange thought.

Btw, i'm so excited with my little project. The response is good and increase from day to day. This is few photos from last month photoshoot, if you interested with our book you can check it on instagram mussboloproject 

train trip


"The fog began to disappear."

Did you still remember one years ago i said, "i know my life destination but the way covered by a fog." Now i got clearer sight , i can walk slowly without blind eyes again, i'm on my path!. The fog began to disappear, and i know and + believe God guide me to the right track. :)

 i bought this baby pink shoes months ago and i love taking pics with it ;p 


We live once, don't forget to see our planet.

Couple weeks ago we went to mountain, from the information when browsing, there was a beautiful waterfall on the mountain. We're sooo excited to go there, we even get lost for several times before arrived at that mount. After super tired long journey finally we arrived!!!!!!!! Everything were paid off with superrrrrr beautiful scenery. For the first time all we did just walk and stunned, walk again then stunned, Subhanallah, how amazing this planet, and what i saw that time maybe just small part of beauty from our earth. We continue to climb up for search waterfall, but we lost :( You know? its sooo scary.. higher we walk, the sun covered by trees, its dark though still afternoon, we didn't met people again, i remember mountain keeper said in the top there was a tiger and leopard, hiiiiii, after 2,5 hours we decide to go back without saw the waterfall. Dissapointed? No, i saw from from other perpective. we don't met the waterfall, but fortunately we still safe and have new experience.

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