Hows Life?

Hello! been little bit busy with this activity :p Btw, i take photoshoot for my upcoming product guys, you can check it and take a look on instagram @mussboloproject there's lots of vintage notebook and dreamcatcher. See you later! smooch :*


Mind Wandering

Tonight might be filled with random thought from my mind. Its started when i look at the sky in the dusk, orange colour seems sooo beautiful, i look at the sky for few minute, 
tik tok, 
then i realize something strange "i live under this huge sky," yes. course, everybody know that. But my mind wanderer far far away that day.. Okay lets start the story in my brain that day.

sky from my rooftop
I think about basic thing about this world, that was the day when God create universe. Maybe it was billion time ago, no one know exactly. From thousand space object, one of them is our planet, we called 'earth'. Its amazing how God create everything on earth from nothing to everything, from simple creatures, then develop into complex creatures, evolve from time to time, then various type of animal exist, human think with their brain from time to time, they learn how to eat, make fire, life, find and learn new thing, make discovery, build civilization, born culture, technology, life style, and now here i am, in this era. In this modern age you can find many unbelievable thing. If you're live 10.000 years ago, what do you think about television, smartphone, internet, magic jar, etc...? its unbelievable! This planet is super interesting. Point of my thought is : everything on this age ( lifestyle, technology, mode, fashion) somehow makes me forget that i live in this planet, maybe from space Earth only looks like white dot from thousand dots.

pics source via google


The Hunger Games Trilogy

Damn! why this movie is super cool? I'm big fan of this trilogy! i've read all of Suzane Collins book, and i love all character and story on her books. Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Finnick Odair, and Haymitch Abernathy is my favorite. You should watch this guys from the first series, everything on that movie is awesome, i also love the soundtrack, my fave song is 'mirror by Ellie Goulding. The ending on latest book (MockingJay) is touching me :') its happy ending, don't worry i won't tell you, lets keep that as a secret.


Climb the ladder to the top, yahuuuuuuu!

Holaaaaaaa, long time no seeeeeeeeeeee.. So sorry for neglecting you blog, just have some project to finish, this one need hard work, consistency, and ideas everydayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, this planet is full with competition right?. bzzzzz, lets climb the ladder to highest place everybody! See you! and wish me luck!!!



Ellips hair care

Sebagai perempuan berhijab aku sering kesulitan merawat rambutku, kering dan bercabang adalah masalah utamanya, jadi kalo di sisir keliatan gak rapi aja gitu. Tapi sekarang jangan kuatir! buat kita cewek-cewek yang punya masalah rambut ada produk yang oke banget nih yaitu Ellips! Apasih Ellips itu? Ellips merupakan produk perawatan rambut yang berfungsi membuat rambut kita menjadi lebih indah dan sehat, tersedia dalam berbagai jenis yaitu: Vitamin rambut & hair mask, agar lebih mudah aku gambarkan dalam chart di bawah ini ya.

varian Ellips morrocan oil

Selain morrocan oil, sekarang ini ada varian baru yaitu Ellips pro ceratin complex yang tersedia dalam 3 jenis, yaitu :
HAIR REPAIR  (Intensif Menutrisi Rambut Kering dan Rusak.)
Diperkaya dengan Pro-Keratin Complex dan Jojoba Oil, merawat, menutrisi dan melindungi rambut yang rusak akibat proses kimiawi (pengeritingan atau pelurusan). Rambut lebih sehat, lembut, bercahaya, dan mudah diatur.

SILKY BLACK  (Rambut Tampak Hitam Lembut Berkilau.) 
Pro-Keratin Complex, Kemiri dan Aloe Vera Oil, merawat kemilau sehat rambut hitam, menutrisi dan melindungi rambut dari sinar matahari. Rambut hitam lebih sehat, lembut, bercahaya, dan lebih mudah diatur.

SMOOTH & SILKY  (Rambut Halus Selembut Sutera.)
Diperkaya dengan Pro-Keratin Complex dan Aloe Vera Oil, merawat rambut hingga terasa lembut, menutrisi dan menjaga kelembaban rambut. Rambut lebih sehat, lembut, bercahaya, dan mudah diatur.

Cara menggunakan Ellips hair vitamin :

  1. Keramas seperti biasa.
  2. Setelah rambut setengah kering, tuang isi Ellips Vitamin Rambut ke tanganmu.
  3. Usapkan secara merata pada barang rambut sampai ke ujung rambut.
  4. Biarkan sampai kering dengan sendirinya, tidak perlu dibilas.
  5. Tata Rambut seperti biasa.
Jangan lupa lakukan masker rambut seminggu 2 kali dengan Ellips Hair Mask untuk menjaga rambut tetap sehat dan terjaga indah berkilaunya. Nb : khusus untuk rambut berhijab lakukan masker rambut seminggu 1 kali dengan Ellips Hair Mask.

ilustrasi sebelum dan setelah memakai ellips.

tunggu apa lagi, yuk pake Ellips sekarang biar rambut kita makin kece badai! kunjungi websitenya di ellipshaircare


Drawing Day

I draws often than usual, i spent my days with exercise-exercise-and,exercise to hone my drawing skills. and i love this so much! Drawing is something interesting for me, how we pick color, how we draw an object, it describe our personal style. One picture can means thousand words, cool right? My fave object for drawing is people, especially girl. I love how to dress up girls on my sketch, its fun! By the way, this is my work for recent days, hope you like it! smooch :* ps: you can see my drawing through my instagram : @mussbolo ;) 

i love how she looks.

 this is my drawing book, it contains many picture inside :)

well, i still learning for create pop art

i love this pics! this girl seems free sleeps in the snow!

See you later guys!

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